Warning: contents contain sarcasm

Certainly the last week has been exciting for some, with the true colours of people shining through. I liken it to seeing a lovely apple or peach in the market and picking it up only to find it is rotten underneath. As The Husband & I were seriously embarrassed by the display of idiocy by our UK cousins, I decided to hold a moratorium on social media and television over the weekend.

It was lovely.

There was much cursing, frogging, and cursing again. Finally, this was made:  hat-02

Just for a break, I also made this: hat_01

The model I use has the perfect size head for testing fit. I am working on a variation of this hat, I will know later this afternoon if my idea is successful.

And so, while once again the civilised (ha) world tried to out-stupid itself, I hid out in the comfort of crochet. It’s like meditation, only yarneyier. (I made that word up).

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