Inspiration, or the lack thereof

I was asked by someone (you know who you are) recently where I received my inspiration. I really had to think to answer that question (but then again, I really have to think before I answer most questions).

Certainly people, in all their glorious people-ness are an inspiration. For example, last night on the train ride home, I put my phone away and pulled out my crochet. This was difficult as my arms had a bit of a bicep burn going on due to the training session I had.

A youngish sort of man plopped down next to me, and pulled out a magazine. This is, in itself, an unusual occurrence. The next time you are on a train, look up from your electronic device and glance around the carriage and you will see what I am talking about.  So, I am crocheting away, and glancing every so often over at Youngish Guy’s magazine (because I am nosy that way) and I noticed the timeline in the article he was reading said “2001 – Blackberry makes checking your work email easy” or something like that. I think he was reading an article about the evolution of work life, because I had noticed another timeline that said “market crash of 1929 brings a shortened work week to 5 days”.

Anyway, I am sure he did not see the irony when he put his magazine down, pulled out his electronic device, and checked his email.


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