Don’t Panic

Coffee panic

I am typing this whilst listening to the frantic pounding of the keyboard and the rattle of the mint tin as The Husband frantically consults with Prof Google trying to find a solution to the non-working coffee machine. 
This is afterI had suggested that he shut the machine off and leave it alone for a while. He continued to press the button, causing the machine to overheat and vapour lock. 
The Husband informs me  that Prof Google has offered up the following solution; advising you to shut off the machine and leave it alone for a while. When I mentioned to The Husband that this is what I said to do, I received a thump on the arm and was told "you've done two things wrong – first off you were right and secondly, you told me you were right". 
Never a dull moment at Chez Hamwich. 

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