Crazy Crochet Lady

The world has gone crazy. I don’t want to turn on the news anymore.

So I crochet. I have become the crazy crochet lady on the train. My morning and evening commute is spent furiously crocheting away, trying to forget the horror that people continue to inflict on each other.

Take this, for example:

popcornThe square on the left is the gauge square – this is the standard by which all other squares will be held. The square on the right is the first square of a CAL (crochet along for the non-crocheting crowd) that was started to honour this woman. I felt her hand on my shoulder every time I ripped the stitches out to start again, and the voice of my grandmother telling me to take a breath and start again. After 5 attempts, I finally got it – and even though it isn’t perfect, it kept me sane though an extremely stressful work week.

More people need to crochet.

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