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I am seriously addicted to buying stuff from my Facebook pages – yesterday I headed off to pick up a crocheted lap rug (small blanket) from one of my regular suppliers. This meant I had to catch the ferry across the harbour, which is fine as it was a glorious sunny day.

So I meet my friend, and we have a good chat and I end up missing the ferry back. Even though it is sunny, the wind is pretty ‘fresh’ as they say here (fresh = fcking cold), so I opt to get on the next ferry and cruise around the harbour instead of waiting for 20 minutes in the freezing cold. Because I brought my crocheting with me, I figure ‘good, I get to sit in the sun and crochet and no one can bug me for 30 minutes’.

As I am happily crocheting away, a woman comes a plops herself down right next to me and says ‘I see you yarn. It’s good! I love people that yarn! I was just at Balmain to attend a knit bombing, but I was mistaken and it’s not this week, it was last week, but that’s ok because I am meeting another friend and we will knit and have coffee and talk”.

And so I learned her name is Margaret, she has to be at least 70, with rough careworn hands, a square jaw and a love of life and yarn. She came from Switzerland with her husband, she has a son who is studying for his PhD, she and her husband once took a year off and traveled the world because they loved travel and mountain climbing.  She especially loved Borneo and would go back there in a NY minute. She loves the outdoors and gardening.

All of this (and more) I learned in about 5 minutes. The power of yarn.


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