the day I loose my shit on the train

I travel to work on public transport. Most times the trip is fine.  Having taken up crocheting again, and with a self imposed deadline to finish a couple of projects I crochet whilst commuting. I don’t wear headphones because I will miss my stop and end up someplace I don’t want to be.

Yesterday for some reason the trains were impossibly crowded.  This makes people crabby. I kept crocheting. Then, about 3 stops along, someone gets on the carriage and starts playing hip-hop/rap on his phone. Loudly. Without headphones. Very loudly. Now, I don’t mind a good hip-hop or rap song. My preference is for something with a good bass line. If you happened to look at my music list, you will see everything from Mozart to Mystikal – I have eclectic tastes.

So, Mr Doesn’t Own Headphones continues playing his shite playlist. People begin to grumble. The guard bravely announces that people playing music should be respectful of others and turn it down.

Mr Doesn’t Own Headphones laughs and turns his shite music up louder. Women turn and glare. Men scoot down lower in their seats and pretend not to notice.

Mr Doesn’t Own Headphones turns his shite music up even louder.

I loose it. I stand up, and yell “Hey! HEY! YO! Can you please turn it down? ”  Mr D.O.H. laughs at me and tells me to sit down. I really lose it then, and tell him “NO, I’m not sitting down until you turn it down MTHRFCKR! That music is disrespecting women and I don’t want to hear it and neither does anyone else’.  In hindsight, I should have called him a cksckr instead.

He laughed at me, but he turned it down. No one would look at me. They all acted like I was the crazy one.

When you read history, or even the current news, and wonder how some atrocities can take place you only have to examine this minute – when someone is doing something wrong, and no one says anything and the next thing you know, that train is pulling through gates that have the logo “Work will set you free”.

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