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To say crochet has changed my life sounds superficial and trite. Indeed, I read that statement “crochet has changed my life” and think “oh, puke”.

However the world of yarn and all the little yarn-y satellites surrounding it (Felters! Spinners! Alpaca Farmers! ) have begun begun to exert an influence that would make even the biggest sceptic sit up and take notice.

I am in the process of starting an etsy store to showcase my handcraft. I’ve been a good corporate citizen and have gotten an ABN, and registered my business name with the appropriate authorities. I commissioned the design of a logo.

I did not google the name I came up with though, which is unfortunate, because there happens to be a fairly kinky mom and pop set up in the good old US of A that is using the same name.

ut oh

I emailed the hubby to inform him of my faux pas, and he emailed back with – “I can get tickets to this crochet guy’s show on Thursday if you want to go”

So tonight we are going to see Phil. This should be fun.

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