All the King’s horses

Back in November when I was home, I asked someone why she wasn’t supporting Hilary Clinton, and was told, quite vehemently, that Hilary Clinton was a thief. I was actually taken aback at the level of hatred and distrust people had for HC, but even more than that, I was appalled at the seemingly nonchalant way they decided to support Donald Trump. While my part of my dislike for him is instinctive, as in that feeling you get when you know someone is about to try to cash a bad cheque, I never could gain any sort of respect for his ideology or (lack of) plans for the US. Honestly folks, “let’s make America great again” is not a plan, it’s a slogan. Repeating slogans over and over again does not make things happen.
I continue to have a deep and abiding distrust of Trump & Co. The cracks in their foundation are starting to appear. Please give Ms Maddow a few minutes of your time. You may need a pen and paper to chart out the convoluted, yet highly visible path between Russia and the White House, but once you see it, you won’t be able to forget it.

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